A Quick Response To Ariad's Conference Call

| About: ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, (ARIA)
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In one hour and a half, Harvey J. Berger, M.D. Ariad's (NASDAQ:ARIA) Chairman and CEO, was able to radically reject the campaigns of hype and fear and threat of dire conclusions perpetrated against a life-saving drug Iclusig by some negative media. It is the hype that has evidently led to dire consequences, devastating investors who bet their money on a great firm and a great life-saving drug Iclusig. The negative analysis was baseless with no scientific or data evidence. Dr. Berger was highly positive about the life-saving drug, about the firm's target and about the firm's vision of its future and of its great leukemia drug and its lung cancer drug.

By the way, Dr. Berger did not sell stocks as the media have perpetrated. On the contrary he bought ARIA, investing millions of dollars in his firm, knowing in fact that the development-stage company is on the road to become a powerful engine of designing and developing drugs that deal with the patients who are left behind - condemned after the failure of conventional drugs to offer them any hope.

There are two categories of humans on this Earth: Those who do their homework and excel, and those who do nothing except trying to benefit at the expense of others. The worst are those short-selling investors whose benefit comes out of unfairly devastating the successful hard workers and their fans.

Yesterday, we decided to get to the bottom of the Ariad's story, so we can include it before the greedy would destroy the firm by further escalating the perpetration of their negative false news. The biased negative campaigns have also impacted some leukemia desperate patients who had hope in Iclusig but had almost lost it listening to the perpetrated nonsense about the drug that had brought them new hope.

We will give you the complete story soon.

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