SINA on Q2, Internet search and Shanda (SNDA) (1Q05 conf call quotes)

Includes: SINA, SNDA
by: David Jackson (ticker: SINA) reported Q1 2005 earnings results
yesterday. Here are comments from CEO Wang Yan, Co-COO Hurst Lin, and
CFO and Co-COO Charles Chao, on SINA's earnings results conference call:

On Q1 2005

....the March quarter has been the toughest quarter for Sina in recent memory.

On Q2 2005 Advertising Guidance

ahead to the current quarter, we are expecting a strong rebound in
Online Advertising as we go into the peak advertising season of 2005.

On Q2 2005 SMS Guidance

....we expect the effect of this ban to continue to depress our SMS revenues for the upcoming June quarter....

On its New Internet Search Capability

believe that we have a search engine that will soon be comparable in
capabilities to the other top Chinese search engines in the market,
along with our very unique features, such as knowledge search,
knowledge-based search and community-based search.

....we expect....formal launch during the latter part of the June quarter.

....the search business is very competitive....

On China Mobile (ticker: CHL) Policy Changes

in terms of….China Mobile's policy….we might see some change in the
arrangements going forward, such as revenue share and other areas.

On Shanda Interactive (ticker: SNDA)

not in a position to talk about…this type of negotiations…there's
currently no offer on [send that] to our Board. We know that this own
19%, 25%. We have not known of anything otherwise since then.

....I'm not seeing any strong offer from Shandar going forward and as of today.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)

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