Review of 'The Fast Track to Becoming a Millionaire' by Michael Masterson

by: InvestorBull
I’ll have to admit Michael Masterson’s “The Fast Track to Becoming a Millionaire" makes for a good read. The book is full of personal stories of success attained by common ordinary people with nothing but ambition on their side. This book was published in 2006 and some chapters tout real estate investing as one of the springboards to success. In all honesty, very few people were able to predict the drastic slowdown in our economy brought on primarily by the real estate crash. You can be assured that any book published today will omit real estate as a stepping stone towards wealth.
This book is catered more toward those in the marketing community, as many chapters deal with direct marketing and copywriters. It would have been ideal if Masterson had a myriad of stories from a plumber to the local baker. By focusing on varying professions the message of becoming a millionaire would have resonated in a more suitable manner.
For example, Masterson could have included the story of Babe Ruth, an orphan who had the drive and imitative to succeed over all others in the game of Baseball. Another example would be Yogi Berra who served in the D-day invasion of Normandy and went on to win numerous World Series with the NY Yankees. John Madden, the NFL Sportscaster who recently retired could not play professional sports due to an injury. However he parlayed the love of the game into announcing and became one of the most successful to boot. Elvis Presley came from a very poor family and was a truck driver before his rise to fame. There are many stories in sports and entertainment as well as other fields where the individual is able to overcome a lack of income and excel to stratospheric heights.
One downside to this book is that, Masterson touts many investment vehicles paying interest rates from 6 to 10% which could be found in 2006. However today one is lucky to lock in rates of 3% on sound investments. Thus these investment vehicles can no longer be included as part of the strategy needed to becoming a millionaire. Again we cannot really hold Masterson to account because this book was published in 2006. However it would be nice to have a book that is timeless. That one can look upon year after year, decade after decade no matter what the current economic conditions are.
Nevertheless, “The Fast Track to Becoming a Millionaireincorporates a chapter on common business etiquette that will go a long way on improving one’s business prospects in this uncertain future. This Chapter in itself makes the book well worth it to any potential reader. By incorporating the characteristics that Masterson alludes to motivation, a strong character, and determination, one can indeed go very far towards at the very least developing a solid character that would go a very long way toward eventually realizing their dreams of becoming a millionaire.

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