What It Really Costs To Mine Gold: The Eldorado Gold Edition

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In an earlier article, we showed investors how to calculate an "all-in" cost figure for producers that includes all costs related to mining silver. This is one of the most important metrics to analyze the silver industry, and allows investors to easily compare companies and see where a potential bottom lies in the silver price. We will now use the same methodology to calculate the "all-in" gold cost figures.

In this analysis, we will calculate the true costs of production of Eldorado Gold (NYSE:EGO), a gold producer that owns operating mines in China, Turkey, and Greece. In addition, they own two base metal mines located in Brazil (an iron-ore mine) and Greece (a base metal mine). EGO also owns a few development projects located in China, Greece, Turkey, and Romania.

One thing that investors should note is that EGO owns development properties (and one operating mine) in Greece, a country with significant political risk. Investors in EGO should follow developments in Greece closely.

Calculating the True Mining Cost of Gold - Our Methodology

In a previous article about Goldcorp's (GG) per ounce cost of production, we gave a thorough overview of the current way mining companies report their costs of production and why it is inaccurate and significantly underestimates costs. Then we presented a more accurate methodology for investors to use to calculate the all-in costs of mining gold or silver. Please refer to that article for the details explaining this methodology, and I would encourage all precious metals investors to understand this important concept. It is important for investors interested in miners (or those who focus on gold and silver as a commodity investment), because the true costs of production would be a good indicator of where a possible floor may exist for gold or silver.

True Costs

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