Obama: Worse than Bush? (Part 1)

Includes: DIA, SPY
by: Mike Stathis

In just over three months, President Obama has equaled the destruction created by President Bush’s eight years in the White House. Given what lies ahead, I have no doubt he will surpass Bush’s record as the nation’s most disastrous president. I never thought I’d live to see a president exceed Bush’s record. Perhaps this is one of America’s new trends.

It’s unlikely the polls will confirm this inevitable reality because the media will continue to blame Bush for everything that goes wrong, while giving Obama full credit for anything that might go well. But you shouldn’t expect much to go well. All we’re likely to see are illusions, false claims, denials and cover-ups.

A note to readers; this piece certainly isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. If you think there’s a real difference between the two parties, you’ve been fooled. If you fall into that category, I suggest you get up to speed real fast. As a part of this educational process, you need to stop watching television and listening to the talking heads on radio because they preach lies, while refusing to air anyone who opposes their misguided and inaccurate views. It’s the way they control your thoughts.

It’s a cleverly disguised form of censorship. If you listen to the propaganda from America’s mainstream media, most likely you’ve already been brainwashed.

If so, I suggest you open your eyes and start questioning all that you read, see and hear instead of accepting what the media lays out as facts. If you rely on your God-given intelligence, you’re likely to see a different version of things; the truth.

First, you have to understand that the media operates at a complex level. They have many agendas. And they release them at various times in order to mask their deceitful mission. If you’ve read some of my previous pieces, you’ll know the media has financial and political agendas.

But you should also remember they have a liberal bias. Obama fits well with the media’s generally liberal slant. He’s been treated as a Hollywood celebrity in having been elected as America’s first African-American president. Never mind the questions as to birthplace. Never mind questions as to his affiliations with very “controversial" figures. I suggest you research things and see for yourself.

Everything Obama does is portrayed as “cool” by the media. They love him even more than Bill Clinton. As a result, the media forgives him, or looks the other way when he makes grave errors or displays a lapse in judgment. If you rely on the mainstream media for your primary source of information, your perceptions about reality will be molded by the content they deliver, and you will never know the truth.

But none of this changes the facts. Obama’s strings are being pulled by his puppet masters. He’s merely signing off on budgets and bailouts orchestrated by Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke and others. Regardless, President Obama is formally responsible for dismantling America piece-by-piece, while fooling you all with “American Idol” PR tactics.

First, Obama’s advisers designed a Hollywood-like publicity campaign to win the election. And they’ve continued this PR stunt by promoting an “American Idol” presidency. It’s a simple, yet effective technique for a nation of compliant zombies – give the people the perception they have a say in government, and you’ll be a popular leader because you’re “connecting” with your audience. How do you think the winners from American Idol go platinum after a year? It’s certainly not because their talents are worthy of selling a million albums. It’s because the same suckers who participated in deciding the winner are the ones buying their records.

The only problem with Obama’s version of American Idol is that there’s no real participation in government by his “audience” – the citizens of the United States. Sure, you can email him but he isn’t going to respond. He isn’t even going to know you emailed him. Instead, his advisers will select a couple of citizens to highlight in one of his televised speeches to make you think he’s in touch with your misery.

But ask yourself this. Where’s the beef? All we’ve gotten from Obama thus far is one big bait-and-switch. And if you think things will change, you’re dreaming because Obama isn’t in charge of the game. He’s merely a puppet.

For many years Washington has misrepresented those they’ve sworn to serve; the people. Obama’s modified American Idol strategy is just the latest act from this grand illusion to make you think things are different this time. I can assure you they aren’t.

Making public appearances and reading speeches from a teleprompter (written by kids in their 20s) represents the core of Obama’s “leadership.” But don’t be fooled. Obama is as lost without his teleprompter as he is without his puppet masters. The real governing body of America lurks in the shadows.

Obama has sold out rather than follow through with his promises. He’s no different than the professional politicians in Washington. But they’re all very skilled in playing the blame game and showboating for the media; all to make you think they’re on your side. Trust me they aren’t. These are all theatrical tactics used only to get votes. All they care about is their survival, and that of their bosses – corporate America and the Federal Reserve. They couldn't give a damn about you or the best interests of this nation.

The only “change” Obama has brought has been a chance of face. He has pulled a complete bait-and-switch, from his promises to remove troops from Iraq and restructuring free trade, to his promises of restoring accountability. Even before winning the election, he consulted with one of the biggest criminals from the multi-trillion dollar Ponzi scheme; Franklin Raines, former CEO of Fannie Mae, responsible for the company’s $11 billion accounting fraud, and a likely cause of America’s financial apocalypse.

Yet, much of the American public remains in the grasp of the media’s mind control tactics. Obama has selected a very pro-Wall Street cabinet, as well as a tax cheat and Federal Reserve insider to run the U.S. Treasury and IRS. Most notably, many of the same villains who were responsible for this economic apocalypse are now running the show. Of course I am specifically referring to Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.

While the real decisions are being made, Obama makes his PR rounds, whether it’s on 60 Minutes or the Tonight Show, pandering to viewers and boasting about his incompetent staff. He even managed to slip in a distasteful joke about the Special Olympics. But he gets away with this because he’s favored by the media. And his supporters are so caught up in his Hollywood celebrity status that they don’t see the realities.

No matter how you slice it, if you understand the facts, you cannot deny that President Obama is truly a big disappointment to those who see past the smoke and mirrors. More important, he is a sell-out to all Americans who were desperate to escape the tyranny of Washington, the Federal Reserve and corporate America.

In less than four months in office, he’s already positioned America for more destruction than that created by President Bush. You can be assured things will get much worse regardless who wins the next election because there’s only one political party in America.

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