What's Bouncing And What's Not?

by: Bespoke Investment Group

The average S&P 500 stock fell 3.74% from April 11 through April 18, but they've bounced back an average of 2.38% since then. So which areas of the market are bouncing the most, and which are bouncing the least?

Below is a chart highlighting the average performance of stocks in each sector during the pullback (April 11 to April 18) and on the subsequent bounce (since April 18). As shown, Financial and Consumer Discretionary stocks have done the best on the bounce, with average returns of 3.12% and 3.34%, respectively.

The worst-performing sectors since April 18 have been Energy, Utilities, Technology, and Telecom. As shown below, all four of these sectors have seen their stocks average gains of less than 2%. For Telecom and Utilities, the weak gains are to be expected since they both outperformed significantly as the market was going lower.

For Energy and Technology, however, the underperformance is especially painful, because both sectors underperformed and fell sharply during the downturn from April 11 to April 18. Technology stocks averaged a decline of 4.63% during the pullback, and they have bounced just 1.93% over the last three trading days. Energy fell the most of any sector during the pullback, with an average stock decline of 6.42%, and it has bounced the least of any sector during the subsequent rally with an average stock gain of 1.20%. April has been a rough month for the Energy sector.