Charts: Valuing Wireless Device Manufacturer Stocks Based On Book Value & Tangible Book Value

by: Robert Zenilman

Rob Zenilman submits:
Price / Book Value ratios of stocks covered in the Wireless Device Manufacturer sector ranged from 33.9 (ERICY) down to 1.5 (PALM), with a median value of 5.4.
Price / Tangible Book Value ratios ranged from 43.2 (ERICY) down to 1.9 (PALM), with a median value of 5.9.

Tangible Book Value differs from Book Value by subtracting out the value of intangible assets from the equation Book Value = Assets - Liablilities. Examples of intangible assets are goodwill, patents, capitalized start-up expenses and deferred financing costs.

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Data in table version -- click on a ticker for opinion and analysis of the company:

07/17/06 Book Price/ Tangible Price/
Ticker Company $Close Value BV BV TBV
ERICY LM Ericsson Telephone Co. $29.35 $0.87 33.90 $0.68
MOT Motorola Inc. $19.08 $6.71 2.84 $5.86
NOK Nokia Corp. $18.43 $3.08 5.98 $2.88
PALM Palm, Inc. $14.50 $9.51 1.52 $7.65
RIMM Research In Motion Ltd. $62.70 $11.51 5.45 $10.68

Data: CapitalIQ


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