Buy on the Sound of Cannons, Sell on Trumpets

by: Jack Miller

The "War" is not about to end! Israel is using aircraft to "prepare the battlefield." Because the number of sophisticated weapons provided to Hezbollah by Syria and Iran is not known, Israel will pound Lebanon heavily before sending in the troops.

Understandably, Israel wants to destroy the thousands of missiles that Hezbollah is willing to fire into civilian areas. The international community has grown tired of the terrorists. While there is hope that the government of Lebanon will disarm the terrorists, the international community will stand aside to allow Israel to do the job.

haifa rail strike
A Haifa rail station after a Hezbollah missile strike left 8 dead

As you know, I have suggested time and again that the time to buy is while there is "blood in the streets." Larry Kudlow likes to quote Rothschild who said to "buy on the sound of cannons and to sell on the sound of trumpets." Anyway you say it, the break out of war is an investment opportunity.