Yahoo preparing competitor to CNET (YHOO, CNET)

Includes: AABA, CNET
by: David Jackson

Yahoo (ticker: YHOO) manager Jeff Boulter posted the following job ad on his blog in early June:

I’m Hiring (again)

This time it’s not for News or Yahooligans, it’s for a new Yahoo! site focused on technology - cell phones, cameras, computers and other nerdly gadgets. Find ‘em, compare ‘em, buy ‘em and use ‘em.

If you ever wanted to play with cool toys and get in on the ground level of building an entirely new Yahoo! site, here’s your chance!

You can send resumes to me directly.

Quick comments:

  • Full text of Jeff Boulter's post and readers' comments here.
  • MediaPost reported that high-profile Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny linked to the job announcement from his own blog. That highlights the importance of this team for Yahoo.
  • Yahoo hired Pat Houston, CNET's Editor-in-Chief, in April. Standard & Poor's Equity Research re-iterated its Strong Sell rating on CNET's stock (ticker: CNET) in reaction to that news, and Avalon Research bases its $6 price target for CNET partly on the loss of editorial talent to Yahoo.
  • Note Boulter''s mention of comparison shopping: "Find ‘em, compare ‘em, buy ‘em...". That further emphasises the competiton with CNET, which uses its My Simon technology to provide comparison shopping for reviewed items.
  • Rafat at PaidContent says "Methinks, Yahoo should buy out CNET, and take Shelby Bonnie out of his self-imposed misery...". But Yahoo has no need to acquire CNET: it has traffic itself, and will generate a better return by simply building the content itself. And why would Yahoo hire Houston if it made sense to acquire CNET?

CNET chart below.

Full disclosure: at the time of writing I'm short CNET.

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