Sanofi-Aventis's 'Voluntary' Staff Departures

| About: Sanofi (SNY)
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Sanofi Aventis (NYSE:SNY) said "no layoffs" in the company's announcement yesterday, but is instead counting on "voluntary staff departures". Here's the press release, courtesy of Fierce Biotech, notable for its relentless insistence on not capitalizing the name of the company.

I'm not sure how those voluntary departures are supposed to work - I can tell you it would take a lot to get anyone in R&D to volunteer to leave their job in this climate. So, generous - very generous - buyouts are one way, and sheer attrition is another (although turnover must not be so high these days either, with fewer places to go). The press release is rather short on details. Don't believe me? Chew on this:

To implement this new R&D model, sanofi-aventis will group researchers in more productive structures and engage in recruiting and training to adapt the profiles and skills of its collaborators to the demands of these mutations. The model also includes strengthening 'exploratory structures' that work in close collaboration with outside entities and deploying reactive 'entrepreneurial units' to encourage the emergence of innovation and accelerate the marketing of innovative products.

Well, OK, then! I guess we'll have to wait some more for this fog to condense into something recognizable.

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