June ETF Data: Big Bumps for PowerShares, PIMCO, ProShares

by: Michael Johnston

The National Stock Exchange has released its monthly statistical bulletin for June, and the ETF industry certainly seems to have avoided any sort of “June swoon.” Although the trends for the industry as a whole are overwhelmingly positive, a trio of fund sponsors enjoyed particularly successful months. A few of the highlights from the report:

  • Total ETF/ETN assets under management increased from approximately $594.3 billion to $603.5 billion, representing a monthly increase of approximately 1.5%. This modest increase is even more significant considering that most U.S. and emerging markets equity indexes were down slightly for the month.
  • The total number of exchange-traded products increased from 829 to 837, following a month-over-month decline in May.
  • 405 ETF/ETNs had net inflows, while only 154 had net outflows.
  • The number of ETF/ETNs with more than $100 million in assets under management increased from 335 to 347. Those making the jump included the iPath Dow Jones AIG Natural Gas ETN (NYSEARCA:GAZ), and ProShares UltraShort Dow Jones Consumer Services (NYSEARCA:SCC).
  • Fixed income ($3.5 billion), global equities ($2.5 billion), and commodities ($2.3 billion) saw the highest inflows for the month.

June was a particularly good month for three ETF issuers in particular, each of which focuses on a unique corner of the ETF market:

  • PIMCO’s 1-3 Year Treasury Fund (NYSEARCA:TUZ) completed a strong debut month with $40 million in assets, a significant increase from the (approximately) $25 million level indicated by its initial fact sheet. Since the fund was essentially flat for the month, this 60% increase in assets indicates that the bond fund giant’s first ETF has been well received by the market.
  • PowerShares saw its total assets under management increase from about $31.0 million to $32.9 million, a monthly increase of 6.2%. The company’s flagship QQQQ saw total assets increase about 5%, with DBC and PGF also posting solid gains. The increase was
  • ProShares’ assets under management jumped from $26.2 billion to $27.5, an increase of about 5%, as many of the company’s short and leveraged ETFs saw significant inflows during the month. Making this increase even more remarkable, it appears that the NSX data does not include the four new “UltraShort” ETFs launched during the month (EPV, JPX, BZQ-OLD, and SMK).

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