Buying Financials? Wait Until They're Cheaper

Includes: BAC, GS, IYF, JPM
by: Mark Riddix

Tuesday was a weird day in the market. The Dow opened positive, turned negative and then soared almost 200 points to end the day. The market was fueled by upgrades by analysts to financial stocks Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) and JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM).

The interesting part is that these stocks have seen extreme run ups from their March lows. Wasn’t the time to upgrade Goldman Sachs to a buy when it was trading below $100? Or Bank of America when it was trading in the single digits? Analysts are often late to the party and miss big moves in individual stocks. They will rate a stock a “buy” after it has had a huge move to the upside. Or rate a stock a “sell” after the stock has dropped precipitously.

It appears that investors are once again chasing stocks based on momentum plays. I find it interesting that as retail investors are buying, insiders are selling shares. I believe that these companies are good long term buys but i would load up on shares at cheaper levels.