Asset Trend: Showdown Between Oversold Dollar and Oversold Commodities Ahead

by: J Clinton Hill

With the exception of oil resuming its uptrend, there are no significant changes to hillbent’s asset trend monitor.

Currencies, with the exception of the U.S. Dollar index, are showing signs of decelerating momentum. This sets up a showdown between oversold commodities and an oversold dollar.

Asset Trend Monitor

U.S. Equities
Equity Indices Short-term Intermediate Primary
SP-500 up up down
SP-400 up up down
SP-600 up up down
Nasdaq 100 up up up
Russell 2000 up up down
VIX down down down
Dow Theory Short-term Intermediate Primary
DJ-30 (Industrials) up up down
DJ-20 (Transports) up up down
DJ-15 (Utilities) up up down
International Equities
Americas Short-term Intermediate Primary
Canada (TSX) up up up
Brazil (Bovespa) up up up
Mexico up up up
Asia Short-term Intermediate Primary
Halter China Index up up up
Hong Kong Hang Seng up up up
India (Bombay Sensex) up up up
Shanghai up up up
South Korea (Kospi) up up up
Taiwan up up up
Tokyo Nikkei lateral up down
Europe Short-term Intermediate Primary
Euro 100 Index up up down
Germany (DAX) up up down
France (CAC) up up down
London FTSE 100 up up down
Alternative Assets
Bonds & Yields Short-term Intermediate Primary
10 Yr Yields up up up
30 Yr Yields up up up
20 Yr+ Tsy Bond ETF down down down
7-10 Yr Tsy Bond ETF down down down
DJ Corporate Bond Index up up up
Nuveen Municipal Index up up up
Forex Short-term Intermediate Primary
U.S. Dollar Index down down down
Australian Dollar up lateral up
British Pound lateral lateral up
Canadian Dollar up up up
Euro Dollar lateral lateral up
Japanese Yen lateral up up
Swiss Franc lateral lateral up
Real Estate Short-term Intermediate Primary
MSCI U.S. Reit Index up lateral down
Homebuilders Index (DJ) up up down
Home Improvement Index up up down
Commodities Short-term Intermediate Primary
Gold Bugs Index (Amex) up up up
XAU Gold/Silver Index up up up
Gold up up up
Silver down up lateral
Oil up up down
Natural Gas up up down
CRB Index up up down

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