Federal Bailout: $23 Trillion and Counting

Includes: DIA, SPY
by: Kurt Brouwer

None of us really knows how much the various Federal bailout programs will cost, but the cost will certainly be measured in trillions of dollars that taxpayers will have to repay. Based on TARP’s watchdog, the total of all bailouts is a very large number as this Clusterstock piece (along with accompanying chart below) indicates:

…TARP watchdog Neil Barofsky says the total size of the bailout has now hit $23.7 trillion, when all the guarantees are factored in. Of course, the government doesn’t just provide a bailout total, so different parties may come up with different numbers…


Source: Clusterstock

The chart displays various bailout estimates that have been made by various publications and sources. As you can see, the total just keeps going up. It may well be that some of the bailout money gets repaid, but the total promised is so vast that even half this number is truly mindboggling.

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