Short Interest on Nasdaq: Why the Data Delay?

by: Kirk Lindstrom

On Friday, Reuters reported short interest on the Nasdaq rose 4.1% in mid-July, reflecting an increase in bearish sentiment in the stock market.

Below are data and charts for the five Nasdaq stocks that experienced the largest increases and decreases in their short positions in the first half of July. Also included are data and a chart for the five largest NASDAQ short positions as of July 15, 2009.

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Questions for the SEC and Congress:

  1. Why is there a nine day delay in making the data public?
  2. Why is this data not made available in real time or at the end of each trading day?
  3. Who has access to this data before the public and are they allowed to trade on this undisclosed to the public information?
  4. If anyone who is allowed to trade on the information, then what happened to enforcing Regulation FD that limits selective disclosure and insider trading?

If ANYONE has access to the data to make these calculations, then I think it is criminal that this data is not made available as soon as available to everyone.

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