3 Stock Briefs Worthy of Mention

Includes: C, SIRI, TTNP, VNDA
by: VFC's Stock House
Vanda Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:VNDA) is set to release Second Quarter financial results on Monday morning, with a conference call to follow at 10AM.

It's common in the financial world to see good news released on Monday morning and bad news released on Friday after the bell, so with keeping that in mind, it looks like a positive indicator that Vanda waited until Monday morning to release the results.

It's not so much the financials that will matter on Monday, rather I'm expecting the company to announce the much anticipated news on how the company is going to move forward with Fanapt, Vanda's recently approved schizophrenia drug that is due, according to recently released reports, to be on pharmacy shelves by the fourth quarter of 2009.

Whatever news that Vanda releases should also effect Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TTNP), since Titan, through a licensing agreement with Vanda, is due to receive up to 10% in royalties of net Fanapt sales.

I've long speculated on either a buyout or partnership between Vanda, Titan and a third party and I'm confident that news will finally arrive next week.

Both stocks traded down on Friday morning. In the case of TTNP, it looked like the early morning drop to the low $1.30s were an attempt to take out some stop loss orders. The stock quickly rebounded to the $1.50 level.

Shareholders of both companies have already been heavily rewarded this year, but there's more 'reward' to come, in my opinion. I'm very bullish on both stocks, but there's no guarantees in the stock market so I don't recommend going 'all in' right here.

That being said, I'm counting on a good day on Monday.

Citigroup (NYSE:C): As shares of Citi soared to four dollars, I sold a portion of my shares that I had previously purchased for below the $2 level. Long term I still see C as a great recovery story, but I have also purchased a bunch of 2011 long calls and wanted to free up some cash by selling my Citi stock.

Those who bought for a buck earlier this year, or even for below three dollars just weeks ago, congratulations, C has treated investors well recently.

If you're not in C yet, I'd say wait for some profit taking because it's been a quick ride to four dollars. If it drops back down to three, load up for the long term, but if the general economic indicators continue to look encouraging, three dollars could be a thing of the past for the Citi stock.

SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI) reported a net loss in subscribers for the second quarter, along with a wider financial loss. That makes two quarters in a row that SIRI has reported a net subscriber loss, but in my opinion, it'll be quarter three where the company starts seeing turnaround.

The economy is starting to turn the quarter and car sales are picking up; two factors that should positively impact SiriusXM SatRad, a product that is seen by most as a luxury item to be ignored during a recession.

I expect to see the stock hover around fifty cents for a little while, but a drop to forty would not surprise me for the short term. I still believe that the stock will run to over a dollar by the fourth quarter of this year, but there will also be some profit taking along the way- remember, this stock traded for five cents earlier this year.

The 2Q results could have been much worse, in my opinion, and now that car sales are picking up and the economy is showing signs of life, SiriusXM should also start to rebound.

Disclosure: VFC is long TTNP, no position VNDA, long C, and long SIRI.