by: VFC's Stock House

SIRI & ACTC.PK: Ordinarily you wouldn't expect to see the stocks of a Satellite Radio company SiriusXM, (NASDAQ:SIRI) and a small biotech, Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC.PK) lumped together in the same press release, but it's worth noting that the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Robert Lanza, of Advanced Cell will appear on the SiriusXM Starz channel this weekend on a program that will highlight his work and research at Advanced Cell Technology. The program will also focus on the Doctor's newly released book, according to an after-hours Thursday press release.

The program will do little, if anything, to enhance the awareness of the SiriusXM brand, but it could give Advanced Cell Tech an awareness boost and maybe even validate the company as an investment to those who may have been sitting on the fence about whether or not to invest in the pink sheet stock.

I'll continue to be long both stocks, as I feel that Sirius is due for an eventual double and I'll be adding shares of ACTC on the recent dip. If ACTC happens to dip below ten, I'll pick up the buying based on the potential of the company's stem cell pipeline, which includes:

  • the Myoblast program for the treatment of heart failure
  • the RPE program for the treatment of various eye diseases and
  • the Hemangioblast Cell program for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.

All Advanced Cell Tech product candidates are in early stages of development with Myoblast being the most advanced product with having successfully completed Phase I trials.

BMSN.OB: Bio Matrix Scientific (OTCPK:BMSN), previously considered an investment for the potential of it's stem-cell bank program, has just thrown it's foot into the cancer immunotherapy ring.

In an announcement on Thursday, the company informed shareholders that, quoted from the press release, "it has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Therinject LLC contemplating the development of a new immuno-therapeutic cancer vaccine."

Granted, the vaccine is still in the 'idea' phase, but it adds to the future potential of Bio Matrix - and it's stock - as the already existing storage facilities and infrastructure will be vital to the success of this program.

Additionally, both companies intend to introduce their vaccine to the veterinary market first in order to both gather data and recoup expenses.

While trading for near a dime, BMSN is, in my opinion, a great risk/reward play that is worth skipping a night out on the town for and buying a few thousand shares of the stock instead.

A good long term pick, in my opinion.

CSUH.OB: Celsius Holdings (OTC:CSUH) announced on Thursday the issuance of a $1 million unsecured not to CD Financial, LLC, a company controlled by supplement mogul Carl DeSantis.

This looks to be the first step in securing the $7.5 million financing with CD Financial identified by Celsius CFO Jan Norelid in a press release issued on Thursday.

According to Norelid, the company intends to utilize the financing to implement new marketing initiatives as well as to expand current marketing programs. In other words, the money will be used to grow the company.

I've always been a fan of the Celsius stock and I believe the company is about to enter a huge growth phase that will see the stock record additional significant gains. I won't be so bold as to predict a double this year, but - based on the current growth rate of the company - I think a stock price of over a dollar by second quarter 2010 is not out of the question.

Of course, as a low-priced OTC, some major hype could push the stock price to that level much sooner if a big awareness push were brewing. With three company executives recently exercising options at fifty four cents, I get the feeling that there is good news forthcoming.

That being said, the financing may worry some investors and the stock price could dip into the forties again. Should that happen - or if, by chance, it should go lower - I'm calling the stock a steal at those levels.

When I first bought shares of this company two years ago, I had a five year time line for major growth. In my opinion, the major growth is about to start hitting the marketplace now.

And did I mention that we now have a Celsius Girl?

CRYP: As the share price for CryptoLogic Limited (NASDAQ:CRYP) has recently climbed to seven dollars and remained there, the company announced that it's 'new business strategy' has started paying dividends. The company reported a profit in June and expects to return to a full quarter of profitability in the third quarter.

The stock is already a near-triple this year, but as the company's turnaround takes effect, there is a lot more room to grow.

Copied directly from the earnings PR, here are some highlights to note:

  • 13 branded games on the market in Q2, up from three in Q1
  • Signed multi-year agreements to provide top-performing branded slot games to some of the world's top gaming sites, including, Betfair, Ireland's PaddyPower and UK's Victor Chandler Group and, in July, Totesport, Britain's state-owned and fourth-largest bookmaker
  • Launched Internet casino for The Gaming Network
  • Extended relationship with Marvel Entertainment to develop superhero-themed games until 2013
  • Expanded relationship with to include five more games for launch in 2009
  • New game releases included a video slot version of Jenga, one of the world's most popular board games, developed in record time at the new CryptoLogic Centre for Innovation
  • Appointed David Gavagan as Chairman and James Wallace as Senior Independent Director

Additionally, and I've mentioned this before, once Congress passes legislation that legalizes gambling in the United States again, CRYP should benefit mightily; the stock traded for near thirty dollars before the gambling ban took effect.

VFC likes to place a bet every now and again and that is what originally brought me to CRYP. I'm no longer a buyer, but a holder at this point, but I still think taking a 'gamble' on CRYP at these prices is worth it - if you buy on the dips.

Disclosure: VFC is long SIRI, ACTC, BMSN, CSUH and CRYP.