BEA Systems Founder Sings the Praises of SOA

| About: BEA Systems (BEAS)
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BEA Systems Founder, Chairman and CEO Alfred Chuang gives an overview of the company's attitude towards SOA (service-oriented achitecture) and the performance of the company's product, AquaLogic. Excerpts from the company's Q2 2007 earnings conference call transcript:

Alfred Chuang
...Let me give you some highlights on our products and services, which are driven by the market trend towards SOA.

Our view of SOA is simple. SOA enables systems transformation and optimization. It solves business problems better than any previous technology approach. The focus should not be on SOA as a technology -- it should be on what SOA can do for the business, the problems that it can solve.

Across the world, in every industry, business is experiencing massive change that places enormous demands on information technology. SOA is a consolidated architecture with a unique power to transform and optimize business to meet those demands.

So why is that? Because SOA is the first architecture that delivers standard-based reuse across every platform, every operating system, every database, every middleware, every type of hardware, and allows organizations to develop, deploy and manage inter-operable business services that can be easily shared as we use inside and also between enterprises.

To put it in terms of that matter, SOA solves business problems. Business users need more speed so they can react quickly to changing marketplace dynamics. They demand faster access to timely, accurate information to support better business decisions. They need to control the business by refusing dependency on IT. That is what SOA delivers.

Our approach to SOA product and methodology reflects our general strategy. We take an aggressive position on the product side and a practical, pragmatic approach to customer implementation. That is why BEA is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the momentum of SOA in the marketplace. BEA is ahead of everybody in helping customers move to SOA with AquaLogic, the industry-leading SOA platform.

So let’s talk about AquaLogic and how it is serving the SOA marketplace. SOA continues to drive a new wave of opportunities to sell products and services and BEA continues our leadership position. This month, VARBusiness magazine awarded BEA as the leader in the product innovation for the web SOA infrastructure category, and also for integration software category.

In Q2, we shipped AquaLogic Service Bus 2.5, including adapters for all of the major ELP packages. The product was awarded the eWEEK Award of Excellence and was identified as an ESB leader in the latest Forrester Wave report.

Gartner also recognized BEA’s position as a BPM leader in their Magic Quadrant Report for BPM suites. BEA is the best executing vendor on this quadrant and the only major platform vendor that is placed in the leader’s quadrant.

Our Services organization also played a key role in expanding our SOA capabilities. In Q2, a consulting organization rolled out two new services offerings to assist customers in addressing the top inhibitors to successful SOA implementation. Our SOA consulting services again successfully drove new customer opportunities and accelerated license deals.

A famous European financial services firm wanted to launch new services to re-enter the competitive independent financial advising market. We began with an SOA consulting engagement, working with the customers on defining its SOA reference architecture and in less than seven weeks, the reference architecture was designed on BEA technology and a $1.5 million license deal was signed. The customer’s first AquaLogic service bus, AquaLogic service registry and a WebLogic portal.

Another example is the Danish Tax Authority, which was required by the new legislation to increase compliance and self-serve capability. BEA worked with our partner, CSB, to beat IBM and we were selected to do a cross-organization, multi-year SOA implementation.

The engagement includes the reference architecture, portal migration and mainframe downsizing. The customer had purchased the WebLogic platform, AquaLogic service bus, AquaLogic service registry and AquaLogic BPM.

Other customers where SOA Discovery Workshops or SOA consulting engagements led to new licenses opportunities or deal accelerations included Circuit City, Nordia, Qantas, Rolex Watch, Swedish Mortgage Bank, SBAB, and the region bank, Sparbanken.