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Aug. 18, 2009 4:27 AM ETAEZS, INSYQ1 Comment
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I have received a number of requests via email or comments asking for 'VFC's Take' on numerous stocks that readers of have found. I'll do my best to address as many as I can, as long as everyone keeps in mind a few things:

- I have not thoroughly researched all of the stocks that I'm about to comment on. I've done the initial Due Diligence (DD) but my opinions are mostly based on my first impressions of the stock. I'm merely providing VFC's Take, as requested. Use that as a starting point to do your own DD.

- Don't get testy if I don't like your stock. Remember, this is just my initial impression and I take into consideration some variables that other people don't, that's why VFC's Take is not always the mainstream impression.

- I appreciate all the recent feedback, and keep the stock tips coming; this is a great forum for all investors of all levels to share tips and insights. There's a whole lot of stocks out there, but there's only a few gems. Let's keep trying to find those gems.


VFC's Take on AEZS

Comment from a reader:

Thanks for your article here on AEZS! I decided to sell not too long ago to lock in my profits (eventually I just decided to sell all), and got out in the mid 2s... Now I'm glad I did it.

VFC's Take: As shares of AEZS were cut by 60% on Monday after Phase III results for Cetrorelix were less than stellar, the drop could be a valuable reminder to small investors - or any investor - why it is important to at least take some profits on any run leading up to trial results. Those that didn't, and there are some out there, got burned today - although many who bought for below thirty cents were still able to get

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VFC is just a guy with an opinion. VFC's Stock House brings new ideas to the table and opens discussions for a broad spectrum of investors, with a strong focus on - but not limited to - the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. VFC's Stock House provides research, informational and opinion-based coverage of various companies and stocks in multiple sectors. The information contained within the pages of VFC’s Stock House are not intended to be taken as advice, but as a starting point where investors can follow up with their own DD and devise their own entry and exit strategies. Do not Buy/Sell based solely on VFC's ideas or opinions. The goal of VFC's Stock House is to 'call it like I see it' - while bringing new ideas, companies, and discussions to the eyes of investors and readers. This is supposed to be fun and new investors should not invest with the idea that this will 'pay the bills' or with the belief that a stock will just keep going up. DD is paramount, but so is sticking to pre-conceived entry and exit strategies and not letting emotional trading get in the way. Goals must be realistic, if it sounds far fetched, then it probably is. Let the big boys eat the cake - the small investor is just trying to pick up some crumbs, and there's nothing wrong with that!

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