Time For a Management Change at EBay?

| About: eBay Inc. (EBAY)
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Rob Zenilman submits: In today's Wall Street Journal, Mylene Mangalindan's article, EBay Merchants Seek Management Change discusses growing friction between EBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) and its merchants. Even though EBay's stock is down 54% in the past 20 months, calls for management change are coming from its merchants, not from Wall Street professionals.

Sellers are complaining that EBay is focusing on its newer ventures - Skype, classified listings, and comparison shopping. Merchants on its legacy domestic auction site claim that both transaction volume and selling prices are down. EBay veteran merchant Steve Grossberg complains that it now takes twice the number of listings to sell a video than it did two years ago.

Comment:Saturation in domestic auctions was inevitable. Anecdotes aside, EBay is still growing, , but the growth potential is probably stronger overseas. Legg Mason's Bill Miller thinks that the recent decline in stock price is mostly due to future uncertainty. One thing to remember: EBay still one of the web's most popular destinations. See: Second Quarter earnings conference call transcript.