Till Death Do We Part? Three Picks to Hold for Life

Includes: CKCM, CWCO, GRMN
by: Barry Gitarts

I was recently reading about Philip Fisher and his original investment in Motorola in 1955, which held until his death in 2004.

This got me thinking about small companies today which have long term growth potential. This is a small list of unique companies which in my opinion have the potential to continue growing for years to come:

Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN) - The market leader in GPS is showing great growth potential, and with many cars still lacking GPS, there is plenty of room to grow.

GRMN 1-yr chart:

GRMN 1-yr chart

Consolidated Water (NASDAQ:CWCO) - Develops and operates seawater conversion plants and water distribution systems in areas of the world where fresh water is rare or non-existent. Is there any doubt that there will continue to be demand for fresh water -- and in fresh water-lacking areas no less?

CWCO 1-yr chart:

CWCO 1-yr chart

Click Commerce (CKCM) - In short, Click Commerce provides the software which allows e-commerce companies to work efficiently with their channel partners. Unless you see e-commerce going away, demand for supply-chain software should remain robust for years to come. Given the size of Click Commerce, it's not hard to see someone like Larry Ellison adding it to his collection.

CKCM 1-yr chart:

CKCM 1-yr chart