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The Coming Consequences of Banking Fraud

Sep. 09, 2009 10:22 AM ETC, JPM, WFC, BAC, GS, FMCC, FNMA125 Comments
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J. S. Kim

The Double Dip Recession, or the “W” shaped recovery that a minority of economists, such as Joseph Stiglitz, is now stating as a strong possible outcome of this current rally, should not be discussed in the realm of economics but rather in the more apropos realm of financial fraud. The fact that the upleg of the “W” shaped recovery that is occurring now will inevitably crumble in spectacular fashion will not be a result of any free market principle, but rather the direct consequence of a fraudulent scheme executed by an elite global financial oligarchy, otherwise known as Central Banks. If the mission of this current manufactured leg-up in Western stock markets was to fool the world into believing that global economies are recovering, then clearly, up until this point, the mission has been a resounding success. For those unfamiliar with the term “blowback”, it's a CIA term that was first used in March 1954 to describe the unintended consequences of US government international activities kept secret from the American people.

Though this term has primarily been used to describe the consequences of covert military operations, “blowback” is an appropriate term to use to describe the coming consequences of banking fraud because the US government, US Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the US Treasury, and the Exchange Stabilization Fund have all engaged in domestic and international financial and monetary transactions that have been kept secret from the world, and that will have severe and negative consequences in the not so distant future. In fact, I predict that the blowback of these activities will not only exceed, but far exceed, the fallout the world experienced in 2008 at the prior apex of this current crisis. Most people today can not even fathom how bad the situation will become primarily because of all the secrecy that the banksters have engaged in – in US Treasury markets, the gold

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I AM NO LONGER and HAVE NOT BEEN contributing articles to SeekingAlpha since 2012. In 2021, I am preparing the launch of a new venture called skwealthacademy, a 20-course online academy that seeks to disrupt the traditional MBA business education model and that focuses completely on applied knowledge that can improve all clients' quality of life, a current massive deficiency of all business schools today. Bookmark and sign up for my free newsletter at https://www.maalamalama.com/wordpress and visit me on my skwealthacademy patreon channel for up-to-date information. After earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and two master degrees (a Master in Public Policy and a Master in Business Administration) from the University of Texas at Austin, J.Kim started working within the Private Wealth Management division of one of the largest financial institutions in America. In 2005, dissatisfied with the ethics of the commercial investment industry and to be able to serve his clients in a manner consistent with his own commitment to integrity and honor, Mr. Kim left the corporate world behind to launch his own company, a fiercely independent investment research, consulting and education firm in 2006. in 2021,skwealthacademy will be Mr. Kim's second venture as a serial entrepreneur.

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