'End the Fed' Author Ron Paul's NY Victory Lap

by: The Daily Bail

Very funny and heart-warming in the same breath. Notice the childlike joy visible in the photo. Dr. Paul was a happy man having just led an impromptu march through the financial district ending at the steps of Geithner's old haunt, while his escorts chanted 'End The Fed' over and over as they walked and snapped photos.

On Tuesday afternoon, Congressman Ron Paul was in New York City, the financial district to be exact, hosting a book signing for End The Fed at Borders. While being escorted to his next event somewhere else on Wall Street, Paul asked his coterie if the NY Federal Reserve building was nearby. You can guess where the group detoured next.

Great music accompanies the clip and there are some classic lines from Paul and his supporters. My favorite was someone telling the Fed's building security guards that they better start looking for a new job. Beautiful line. Wish I had been there.

And by the way, while you were sleeping, End The Fed cracked Amazon's Top 10 List of Bestsellers. Check out the rankings for yourself right here.

The video runs just about 2 minutes and if it doesn't leave you smiling, then you are even more hardened and cynical than your author.


Hats off to the NYC Campaign For Liberty staff. Great job with the march and the clip!

I think I heard Dr. Paul say that, "we will be back!" Anyone else catch that?