Stock Watch: CPST, CVM, AGEN

by: VFC's Stock House

In an absolutely boring trading day, there were a few stocks that were worthy of mention on Monday:

CPST: Capstone Turbine, the maker of low-emission microturbine energy systems, opened the trading week by releasing news that the company has received $3 million in follow-on orders from two of its large oil & gas customers; Aquatec-Maxcon Pty Ltd and Pumps & Service.

The stock traded higher by about 4% on the news, but volume was somewhat flat.

Capstone is still a good long term 'green' pick, in my opinion, and I'll continue to follow it as the company looks to move towards profitability. If you're still looking for a 'green' pick for the portfolio, it may be worth adding CPST on the dips.

Disclosure: VFC is long CPST.

Quicken Loans- OneReverseMortgageCVM: As CVM dropped to nearly $1.50, I couldn't resist, adding to my holdings of the stock on Monday morning - even though it's a big 'average up' for me.

There's too much news due to be released in the fourth quarter of this year regarding Multikine and LEAPS for me to be comfortable with passing up the opportunity to add shares now.

Aside from any updates on the LEAPS trial, the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added Cel Sci to the list of "vaccine and biologics manufacturers and distributors" could be an indicator that the FDA has signed off on Cel Sci's Baltimore manufacturing facility and an official announcement is pending. Once the FDA clears the facility I would expect to hear the announcement of a start date for the long-awaited Multikine Phase III trial.

Cel Sci, after already trading for five times its value at the beginning this year, still has quite a bit of room to move higher, if all goes according to plan over the next few months.

AGEN: Shares of Antigenics continued to trade for around $2 on Monday, an price attractive enough where I felt it was worth adding a few more shares of the stock.

Antigenics is due to release news regarding the commercial launch in Russia of its kidney cancer vaccine Oncophage in the fourth quarter of this year and that news will most likely be accompanied by an announcement that the Russian government intends to reimburse some costs of administering the vaccine to patients. Additionally, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) is reviewing Oncophage for a possible conditional approval in Europe.

Previously, Oncophage failed to meet the endpoints of a late stage Phase III trial and therefore never made it to the FDA for approval review. However, a subset group of patients who had received Oncophage earlier along in disease progression were shown to benefit from the vaccine and Russia granted approval based on that subset. As longer term follow-up data continues to be analyzed, the evidence is there that Oncophage works.

As cancer immunotherapy treatments become more widely accepted after the rise of Dendreon (NASDAQ:DNDN) and that company's prostate cancer vaccine Provenge, popular opinion is shifting to the belief that the vaccines will work better if they have a healthier immune system off which to feed - as was the case with the subset of patients in the Oncophage trial.

In addition to the potential of Oncophage, Antigenics also has QS-21 to offer. QS-21 is a vaccine adjuvant currently being used in various vaccines being produced by various licensees of Antigenics, including GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK).

Antigenics is already a huge gainer this year and I still believe that the stock has more room to move up based on the potential of the aforementioned products.

Disclosure: Long AGEN.