Cramer's Mad Money - Give Visa Some Credit (10/6/09)

Includes: MA, OMN, V, XPER
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday October 6.

Visa (NYSE:V), Mastercard (NYSE:MA)

During Tuesday's 132 point rally in the Dow, Visa was left out, but Cramer sees this as a great buying opportunity for "one of the strongest long-term secular growth stories out there." Cramer has long said that Visa is the best way to play the transition from paper to plastic, and now the trend toward debit cards is also benefiting Visa. More cash-conscious consumers are using debit cards because they fear relying on credit, and Visa has double the market share of Mastercard in the debit card space. It's strong credit card business is also a good way to trade an economic recovery.

Visa has great earnings visibility; 75% of its volume has been locked up via contracts with seven of the ten major deposit-taking institutions worldwide. While some worry about a bill attacking interchange fees, the charges go towards the banks issuing the cards and not to credit-card companies, and in any case, the great healthcare debate is stealing thunder from credit card reform. The company's multiple of 20 is high but matches its 20% growth rate, and Cramer sees Visa "going much higher."

Don't Be a Piggish and Don't Be Bearish

While Cramer doesn't envision a pullback more dramatic than a 3-5% decline, he thinks those who aren't taking some profits with the Dow about 9,500 are being "piggish." He doesn't agree with the likes of Bert Dohmen, editor of the Wellington Letter, in his very "bleak picture" of the economy. Dohmen bases his bearish case on technical analysis of the S&P 500's charts and fundamentals, with fears the Fed may raise interest rates and that Congress is becoming increasingly anti-business. However, Cramer says there is no reason to fear the Fed and low mortgage rates will continue even when the $8,000 tax credit is over. Cramer says currently, "the biggest enemy is greed" and that investors have only themselves to blame if they aren't selling at least a little bit into strength.

Tessera Tech (TSRA) CEO Hank Nothhaft

Tessera seems to be the perfect stock to play the mobile internet revolution; the company makes small chips that go into iPhones and other gadgets. Its stock price is up 37% since May and it is developing ionic cooling systems which will replace traditional exhaust fans on laptops and it also produces chips for tiny cameras. Cramer discussed Tessera's very positive analysis day and the potential for licensing agreements by the end of the year. Although the International Trade Commission threw out the company's patent infringement case, CEO Hank Nothhaft says the company will continue to take technological innovations and monetize them through licensing and patents.

Although it is not yet a household name, Tessera probably has made some contribution to any device connected with mobile or wireless, says Nothhaft. The secret to the company's success is the hiring of top PhDs in the field and a winning business model. Cramer says he stands behind Tessera.

Omnova Solutions (NYSE:OMN)

On the lightning round segment of "Mad Money", September 30th, Cramer was stumped by the mention of Omnova Solutions, and after doing some research, he thinks this dealer in chemicals and decorative products may go higher, even after its 932% "monster run" so far this year. In spite of this huge gain, the stock is still "cheap" and trades at a multiple of 17 with a growth rate of 67%. Demand keeps growing for Omnova's products and Cramer declares the stock a buy on any pullback.

Restaurants on the Menu: Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM)

Cramer said last week that Yum Brands would be a tell on the entire sector. Since Yum reported a strong quarter on Tuesday, he suggested buying restaurant stocks on Wednesday morning.


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