Top 10 Stocks in the DJ Canada Select Dividend Index

Includes: BMO, BNS, CM, EWC, RY, TD
by: David Hunkar

The Dow Jones Select Dividend Index family of indices measures contain the top dividend paying stocks at the regional, country and global levels. One of the country-specific dividend indexes in this family is the DJ Canada Select Dividend Index. The main features of this index are:

  • Thirty stocks are selected to the index annually based on dividend yield, subject to screening and buffering criteria.
  • Components are weighted by indicated annual dividend.

In 2008, this index was down 30.80%. As of September 30th, the index has gained nearly 34%. The 5-year average annual total return is around 8%. The current dividend yield is 4.52%. The index is heavily concentrated with financials making up for nearly 72% of the portfolio.

The Top 10 holdings in the DJ Canada Select Dividend Index are:

1. National Bank of Canada
2. Bank of Montreal - BMO
3. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - CM
4. Toronto-Dominion Bank - TD
5. Royal bank of Canada - RY
6. Bank of Novo Scotia - BNS
7. IGM Financial
8. Manitoba Telecom Services
9. TMX Group Inc
10. A.G.F. Management Ltd. Cl B NV

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