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CVM: Shares of Cel Sci traded with continued volatility on Monday, after the company announced positive results for CEL-2000 (based on the company's LEAPS technology) in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis at the American College of Rheumatology Conference in Philadelphia on Sunday. It was also noted at the conference by Cel-Sci that the potential treatment indications for LEAPS are plentiful, in addition to the company's current investigative treatment for the swine flu.

Another negative (and expected) article by TheStreet.com on Monday morning may have contributed to some mid-day selling, but I believe that many investors were expecting bigger news to hit the wires and bailed when that news did not materialize, then looked for a chance to get back in for a lower price later in the day.

That being said, it's worth picking up a few shares on any dips into the $1.30s, in my opinion, because of the short to mid term potential for significant news to be released; including an update on the FDA validation of the Baltimore manufacturing facility, which would (I assume) be followed by a potential commencement of the much-anticipated Multikine Phase III trial.

Any indication from either the FDA or Cel Sci that LEAPS for the treatment of the swine flu is a 'go' would significantly push the stock to higher levels, in my opinion.

It's also become painfully apparent (and boring) that Adam Feuerstein, TheStreet.com's biotech blogger, has a personal vendetta or hidden agenda against Cel-Sci. Feuerstein's blog posts continue to report on anything but valid developments regarding the Cel-Sci pipeline and the small investor would be better off looking to another source for a place to begin the due diligence (DD), rather than reading OP-ED pieces that misrepresent or ignore the facts.

The bottom line is this, Feuerstein is looking for 'clicks' to his articles, just like any other blogger, and if he's got to incite negativity from his readers to get paid - or support another agenda - then there's nothing we can do about that except ignore it.

I personally find it morally reprehensible to go to the extremes that Adam does in an attempt to discredit a company that is working on a breakthrough treatment for a big killer like head and neck cancer, but that's just me. Time will tell whether or not the small investor did the right thing by investing in Cel Sci, and time will tell if Multikine is the life saver that, thus far it's proven to be. But in the meantime, the developments of the company look good and there's plenty of resources out there for the small investor to gather the real and unabated facts.

I'm also inclined to believe that if Feuerstein spent more time researching stocks than he does trying to bring a beef with Garza at BioMedReports, he might find good stocks like CVM while they're trading for twenty cents and tip his readers off to them rather than wait until a stock has a huge run and then find a reason to bash it.

As for CVM, it's already a huge percentage winner this year, and I continue to believe that things are just getting started for Cel Sci. I'll continue to add on the dips.

Disclosure: VFC is long CVM.

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