Cool Data Tool: GDP per Capita by Country Groupings

by: Tim Iacono

Here's a cool interactive graphic (hat tip JF) for all you data-junkies out there. It lets you look at GDP per capita for various groups of countries around the world and, based on the screenshot below, it quickly becomes clear that being landlocked is not necessarily a bad thing.
IMAGE The average GDP per capita is about $15,000, while countries in the Horn of Africa clock in with the lowest reading of just $1,600. At the other end of the spectrum are countries in North America with an average GDP per capita of more than 25 times that amount at $42,600. Due, in part, to their huge populations in outlying areas living at subsistence levels, China registers just $6,000 and India just $2,800.

Note that a few of the grouping selections have been eliminated in the graphic above in order to get it to fit the column width. It's well worth fiddling with and would likely have a completely different feel to it if the GDP data were adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity where countries with fixed currency exchange rates (e.g., China) would rise dramatically and those with overvalued currencies (e.g., euro, U.S.) would fall.