's Customer List (TRFC)

by: David Jackson

Here's's customer list - heavy with radio broadcasters and other media companies - taken from its S-1:


We provide traffic information to a variety of customers in a number of market sectors. Our customer base includes the radio and television stations from which we obtain advertising inventory in exchange for our traffic information, cash and services; traffic data services customers to whom we provide our traffic data for use in their products and services; and advertisers who buy our advertising time. Our single largest customer for traffic data is the U.S. DOT.

Radio and Television Customers

We have entered into agreements with the parent companies and ownership groups for radio and television stations listed below, or individual stations owned by these groups, pursuant to which we provide traffic information, cash or a combination of traffic information, cash and services to all or some of their stations, as well as the websites of certain stations. As compensation, we receive commercial airtime, which we subsequently sell to advertisers. The following lists presents a representative sample of our current customers in these sectors:


ABC-Disney Radio Group
Continental Broadcasting Corporation
Cox Radio Inc.
Crawford Broadcasting Company
Emmis Communications Corporation
Gross Communications Corporation
Hearst-Argyle Television Inc.
Hubbard Broadcasting Inc.
Inner City Broadcasting Corporation
Jacobs Media Corporation
Metropolitan Radio Group, Inc.
NewsWeb Corporation
Nova Broadcasting Company
Radio One Inc.
Rose City Radio Corporation
Salem Communications Corporation
Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
Susquehanna Radio Corporation
Twin Towers Broadcasting, Inc.
United Broadcasting Company Inc.
XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc.


Belo Corporation
Cox Broadcasting, Inc.
Fox Broadcasting Company
Gannett Co., Inc.
Hearst-Argyle Television Inc.
Hubbard Broadcasting Inc.
NBC Universal Television Stations division
Post Newsweek Stations, Inc.
Sunbeam Television Corp.
The E.W. Scripps Company
The McGraw Hill Companies
Tribune Company
Viacom Television Stations Group

Data Services Customers

We have agreements with a number of businesses pursuant to which we provide our traffic data feeds for use in their own Internet, wireless and in-vehicle products and services, including:

• XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. XM Satellite Radio, or XM, is one of two providers of satellite radio services in the United States. We provide to XM real-time traffic information from our Traffic Pulse Broadcaster application currently for 21 major metropolitan markets on a 24/7 basis.

• NAVTEQ Corporation. NAVTEQ is a leading provider of digital mapping solutions. We provide to NAVTEQ our data feed for use in its in-vehicle traffic information service, which it distributes via XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. Our traffic information, together with NAVTEQ's mapping data, has recently been introduced as a standard feature in the Acura RL and as an optional feature in the Cadillac CTS navigation systems. We provide our traffic information to these systems in all of our geographic coverage areas.

• Motorola, Inc. Motorola is a global mobile and wireless communications company. We provide to Motorola traffic flow data from our data feed for use in VIAMOTO solutions, a suite of location software for data-capable cell phones and in-vehicle navigation systems. A cell-phone based navigation system, powered by VIAMOTO and containing our traffic data, has been recently introduced in Avis rental cars.

• The Weather Channel, Inc. The Weather Channel provides national and local weather information through a number of channels. In addition to providing traffic information for broadcast on The Weather Channel's national cable and local programming, we provide traffic information for use on its website ( and on a free desktop computer application.

• Comcast Cable Communications Management LLC. Comcast is a leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services. Starting in the first quarter of 2006, we will provide our traffic incident, event and flow data to Comcast for use on its website,

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