Obamacare: Affordable Private Insurance Is Already Available

by: Mark J. Perry
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According to a recent study by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), "Individual Health Insurance 2009: A Comprehensive Survey of Premiums, Availability, and Benefits":

In the summer of 2009, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) conducted the latest in a series of comprehensive surveys of member companies participating in the individual health insurance market. The data on premiums and benefits are based on nearly 2.6 million policies in force during May or June 2009, covering approximately 4.2 million people.

Nationwide, annual premiums averaged $2,985 for single coverage and $6,328 for family plans in mid-2009. For single policies, annual premiums ranged from $1,350 for persons under age 18 to $5,755 for persons aged 60-64. For family policies, premiums ranged from $2,573 for policies covering children under age 18 to $9,952 for families headed by persons aged 60-64 (see chart above).

MP: Do we really need Obamacare with a public option when individuals under 40 can buy private insurance right now for about $200 per month or less (see chart above), and families in the group below 45 years old with up to 3.5 average members per family can get private insurance right now for less than $500 per month ($142 per family member)? We keep hearing how expensive health insurance is for the average person, but private insurance seems pretty affordable according to the data from AHIP, about the same (or less) as a monthly car payment.

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