Titan Pharmaceuticals: The Future Looks Bright

| About: Titan Pharmaceuticals, (TTNP)
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Shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TTNP) dropped to the $1.81 level during early trading on Tuesday in what could be considered an attempt to 'shake' a few more shares loose - considering the fact that volume was nearing a stand still at the $1.90 level.

With Fanapt royalties imminent and the advancement of Probuphine now paid for by an NIH grant, Titan continues to be in a primed position to spike, whether it be on the company's own merit and potential for the future or as the result of a buyout offer.

However, I'm still counting on a buyout based on the fact that Titan has neither announced an intention to move to a major exchange nor attempted to raise additional funds through a stock offering. Additionally, recent comments made by the CEO in the Washington Post spell 'buyout coming' in my book. That is strictly my opinion, however.

TTNP may continue to trade with some volatility until news hits the wires, whatever that news may be. But it sure looks to me like Tuesday's dip was an attempt at a little 'tree shake,' although the shake didn't net too many shares. It looks to me like the longs are holding strong in anticipation of new highs in the near future.

If Titan were to go it alone, however, I would expect an offering to be announced at some point after the next significant spike in price. The 'go it alone' scenario would not provide the immediate payback that many investors are looking for - as a buyout would - but the possibility to realize even greater gains would exist for those investors willing to wait out the development of Probuphine and the market entrenchment of Fanapt.

Regardless of which course of action is taken by Titan, one thing is for certain: the future has never looked brighter for this company, as I've stated before.

Disclosure: VFC is long TTNP.