Cramer's Mad Money - Will The Selling Continue? (10/3/13)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday October 3.

Will There Be A Deal? Stocks mentioned: United Technologies (NYSE:UTX), American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (NYSE:AEL), Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Informatica (NASDAQ:INFA)

The market sold off, with the Dow down 137 points. Cramer thinks the market may go lower, downgrades will increase and estimates may be slashed. United Technologies (UTX) may be at risk because of its exposure to the government. "Selling will start Monday if there is no deal," said Cramer.

Cramer took some calls:

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (AEL) is up a lot. Cramer would be a seller and not a buyer.

Tesla (TSLA) has gone up, but will go lower if it doesn't continue to impress. Cramer would take profits.

Informatica (INFA) needs to produce a few good quarters before Cramer would get bullish.

Frank's International (NYSE:FI). Other stock mentioned: Weatherford (NYSE:WFT), Petrobras Argentina (NYSE:PZE), Petrobras (NYSE:PBR)

Frank's International (FI) is using technology to get more oil out of the ground. The company came public in August. Its major competitor, Weatherford (WFT) has accounting problems, and FI has been able to take market share. Franks has exposure to deep water drilling, which is a fast growing business. About 50% of its sales come from overseas. Cramer would be a buyer of Frank's on any weakness.

Cramer took some calls:

Petrobras Argentina (PZE) is too risky. Cramer prefers Petrobras (PBR).

F5 Networks (NASDAQ:FFIV)

F5 Networks (FFIV) is a stock to put on the shopping list. It has a strong software business, even though the stock is down 9%. The company missed earnings estimate, but Cramer thinks it can turn things around. It has a multiple of 17.3 with a 13.6% growth rate. Its new products can grab market share and it has exposure to mobile, security and the cloud. The stock deserves to be bought.


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