Blue Nile's Strong Q3: The Outlook Just Got Brighter

About: Blue Nile, Inc. (NILE)
by: Kevin Stecyk
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Kevin Stecyk
CFA, independent consultant, energy

Prior to the release of the third quarter results, analysts had the following expectations as set forth in the table below.

The company's results were ahead of expectations with revenue at $66.9 million and earnings of $0.17 per diluted share. According to Yahoo Finance, analysts have revised their estimates.

As an aside, it is interesting to look at how the annual estimates have risen from the first quarter when I wrote Strong First Quarter 2009 For Blue Nile (NASDAQ:NILE).

I listened to Blue Nile's positive conference call. Using the company's press release and my notes from the conference call, I will highlight key items in point form.

Prior to Conference Call: Blue Nile's Revenue and Earnings Estimates: