Two Cheap Stocks with High Dividends

Includes: ALSK, HTGC
by: Stockerblog

It's amazing that there are over 25 stocks yielding more than 10% and selling for less than $10 a share. has a list of low priced stocks, with market caps over $250 million, and very high yields. Here are some examples:

Hercules Technology (NASDAQ:HTGC) forward P/E: 7.8 yield: 13.3%

Alaska Communications (NASDAQ:ALSK) forward P/E: 30.8 yield: 11.5%

For a list of low priced high yield stocks in the form of a free downloadable Excel database of high dividend low priced stocks, go to Remember, these stocks can reduce or eliminate their dividend at any time.

Disclosure: Author does not own any of the above.