The Complete List of Brazilian ADRs Traded on the OTC Markets

by: David Hunkar

Currently there are 31 Brazilian companies listed on the NYSE. Brazilian ADRs are some of the most actively traded on a daily basis. Stocks such as Petrobras (NYSE:PBR) and Vale S.A (NYSE:VALE) are among the most heavily traded daily.

Some of the sponsored Brazilian companies trade on the OTC markets. In the future they may graduate to listing on the NYSE. It must be noted however that most of these OTC-listed ADRs have low daily trading volumes. However a few high growth companies can be found among the Brazilian OTC stocks. For example, commercial bank Parana Banco (OTCPK:PRBAY) is up over 414% YTD. JBS (OTCQX:JBSAY), the world’s largest beef exporter, recently announced plans to buy the bankrupt US chicken processor Pilgrim’s Pride. It is up over 156%.

The complete list of Brazilian ADRs traded on the OTC markets is listed below: