H-P's He Said, She Said: House Committee Releases Full Dunn and Hurd Testimony

| About: HP Inc. (HPQ)
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The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has released the testimony for today of HP CEO Mark Hurd and ex-Chair Patty Dunn respectively. Fascinating reading. More soon.

Okay, Hurd's testimony is typically anodyne. He kites along 20,000 feet over the issue, apologizing in the general direction of whoever feels offended.

Dunn's testimony, on the other hand, is specific, scolding, and pissed. As always, she can't seem to understand why some people can agree with her about the seriousness of the board leak at HP, and yet still have a problem with a poorly supervised, runaway investigation that violated privacy and likely broke the law. Instead, she falls back on saying it started before she was involved, that never hired, per se, the offending investigators, and generally just won't take responsibility for an investigation that she was tasked with overseeing. She also plays word games about the legality -- leave aside the morality and ethics -- masquering as someone else to obtain phone records.

On the more entertaining front, she has some more shots for Tom Perkins, saying he has a "delusion of paranoia" and wrote a memo containing "false statement" about her investigation. Ouch.

Finally, Dunn more or less stands by Hurd's statement that he was unaware of investigation specifics. She claims he knew of the "sting" operation, but didn't know more than that -- and neither did she, conveniently enough -- about the investigative techniques themselves.

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