Google Real-Times Tweets, But Is It Breaking the Rules?

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I was very intrigued today that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) launched Real Time search with Twitter updates so I quickly went to check it out. The implementation is really slick. I did a search for ticker symbol GLD and the realtime tweets started scrolling right at the top of the results. Slick!
Then I tried doing my own tweet on GLD from Seeking Alpha's Stocktalk app and noticed something odd. Unlike all the other 3rd party twitter platforms I am aware of, Google does not mention the source of the tweet. See the screenshots below from Tweetdeck, and Google and compare the source of the tweet.

As far as I can tell, it has been accepted practice to reference source in the Twitter community. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Full disclosure: Benchmark Capital is an investor in both Twitter and Seeking Alpha.

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