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by: David Jackson

A while ago a few Seeking Alpha contributors asked for help in setting up subscription-based investment newsletters. Later, we found that we wanted to tell our contributors that their submissions to Seeking Alpha would be appearing on Yahoo Finance. And we discovered that we had no good way to communicate with our community of contributors, and our contributors and readers had no way to communicate with each other (other than comments on articles).

So we've launched Our Web developer Rob Sanheim has done an amazing job choosing the best forum software (Beast, which uses Ruby on Rails, for those who care...) and integrating it into the SA website. Posting on the forums requires no additional registration (other than the standard SA registration that allows you to get free emails and to comment), and you can subscribe to new forum posts via RSS.

Please take a look at the forums; we think they could be really useful for our readers, contributors and potential contributors.

Have a great weekend,
David Jackson

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