Cramer Lightning Round - Don't Make a Move on Research in Motion (12/16/09)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money Program, Wednesday December 16.

Bullish Calls:

Electronic Arts (ERTS): "As a matter of fact, last night I recommended Electronic Arts … in part because of PlayFish, which bypasses this whole notion of having to go buy heavy video game stuff."

Petsmart (NASDAQ:PETM): "No, you are right, I was worried about Wal-Mart coming into that business… I was too, too nervous… it looks like to me that I got it wrong… Wal-Mart did not even lay a glove on them… my judgment, not theirs."

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC): "What an opportunity to buy, what an opportunity… Hey FTC (i.e., Federal Trade Commission), where were you to try to examine all those bad mortgages that we had?… Shouldn’t that have been your job, FTC?… I am embarrassed by our government… Really bad work."

Cooper Industries (CBE): "Can I suggest that you step up to a big play and buy a name... that I think really rocks… Cooper Industries… the numbers are too low, they get all of your electric stuff… and I will throw in a lot of other stuff, they are selling the tools."

Bearish Calls:

Research in Motion (RIMM): "Now that is going to report tomorrow (Thursday), it is a total battleground… don't buy, don't buy... when you have a battleground like this where the longs and shorts are taking such extreme positions… you have got to wait to see what happens… there is no payout to sticking your neck out and getting it chopped off like I did with Best Buy."

Trinity (NYSE:TRN): "I am hearing too much about a railcar slow down, the stock has had a bit of a run… it also makes wind turbines.. I think that business is questionable… I would like you to get out of the stock."

Gamestop (NYSE:GME): "Gamestop? No.... that said, I happen to like the guys who run my Gamestop at the Short Hills Mall, and they are always incredibly helpful to me and I salute them."



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