Monetary Policy, Bailouts and the Financial Powers that Be

Includes: AGG, DIA, SPY
by: Charles Hugh Smith

The bail-out of Wall Street and the banking and mortgage industries is not monetary policy; it is a massive transfer of wealth from future taxpayers to the Financial Power Elite.

The monetary-policy terminology of "quantitative easing" and "bail-out" is a masterstroke of propaganda, for it purposefully masks an unprecedented transfer of wealth from future taxpayers to the Financial Power Elite.

I want to be crystal-clear here: what Bernanke & Co. represent as "monetary policy" is in fact a massive transfer of wealth from future generations of U.S. taxpayers to Wall Street and the banking/mortgage industries.

The propaganda is purposefully designed to distract our attention from the fact that "monetary policy" has fiscal consequences for future taxpayers--unprecedented mountains of Federal debt which must be serviced over a generation in which interest rates will rise.

Various SIFPs (standard-issue financial pundits) are trotted out as shills to support "quantitative easing" and "bail-outs" as "sound monetary policy" to ward off Depression. Yet what did squandering $1.2 trillion on toxic mortgage-backed securities actually gain the nation? What did squandering several trillion dollars on bailing out AIG, Wall Street, the banks, Fannie and Freddie, GMAC, etc. etc. etc. actually gain the nation?

Perhaps the only "depression" that was averted was the depression the Financial Power Elite would have experienced had their empires of leverage and derivatives been allowed to fall, eradicating their ill-gotten wealth in the process.

The goal of propaganda is to redirect attention away from the truth via misinformation and the construction of plausible, emotionally appealing facades.

Thus the transfer of trillions from your childrens' future earnings is masked behind the seemingly harmless and cost-free facade of "monetary policy."

Another concept in play here is complexity fortress. Bernanke and Co. have constructed a complexity fortress, hiding their actions behind veils of secrecy (all "for the good of the nation," heh, as if transparency was the enemy of democracy and free speech), obfuscated transactions (purchasing futures contracts via proxies, and so on) and the sheer complexity of structures such as TARP.

If the web is too tangled for anyone but insiders to understand, then the complexity fortress is complete and invulnerable.

This was of course a favored strategy of Wall Street--derivatives so complex that only those who wrote them understood the risks.

There is another facet to this propaganda campaign of masking fiscal burdens on citizens behind the bland mask of "monetary policy": the complete destruction of integrity and ethics in the halls of power.

Ethics receives lip service in the U.S., of course, along with other fictions such as "fiscal responsibility," but that faint bleating is itself a sort of veil over the bleaker reality that integrity and ethics have been entirely marginalized in the public culture of the nation.

Were anyone to actually resign in protest or disgust, they would be cynically castigated for throwing away wealth and power in a needless gesture. As for ethical breaches -- everyone knows a phony apology ("I am sorry I hurt my family and my wife, I take full responsibility, blah blah blah") is all that's needed. After a brief pause to allow the news cycle to wander past, they can resume the pillaging of the public coffers, the fraud, embezzlement and legerdemain that have been raised to a state of perfection in the halls of power.

In other words: integrity is for chumps.

Thus we have Bernanke & Co. standing before us with straight faces, even as they know their policies are enriching the few at the cost of the many taxpayers who are safely in the future. That we as a nation are stealing from our children and grandchildren to avoid any housecleaning now--that doesn't bother Bernanke & Co., nor does it bother the senators who are biding their time, awaiting the moment where they rubber-stamp the pre-approved apparatchiks.

This marginalization of integrity in the halls of power has infected the entire nation; those below look up and see fraud, corruption, lies, propaganda and self-serving aggrandizement, and they conclude that ripping off the taxpayer, pursuing fraudulent claims and mortgage documents, etc. etc. is in essence the "officially approved" manner to get ahead.

True to the high standards of propaganda which now pass as "normal," this erosion of truth and integrity in official statements, statistics and policies is vehemently denied by those in power.

The costs of this erosion cannot be tallied easily, but we can predict they will be paid out over many years, if not a generation and beyond.

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