The Inactive Sun: Preliminary Look At Winter, Crude Oil/Natural Gas

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Global Warming and Climate Change Exist, But Cannot be Blamed for Every Weather Disaster

While I am one of those scientists who believes strongly in global warming, I cannot point to every weather calamity as being 100% directly affected by our warming planet. Take the catastrophic Typhoon that destroyed parts of the Philippines recently. This monster storm is not the only one that hit the Philippines in the last few years. There were several other major hurricanes that hit land-fall prior to the accelerated increase in CO2 over the last 20-30 years.

The Sun's Polarity Has Reversed Early

Our sun has been acting very strangely lately, with the normal 11 year cycle reversal of its polarity, occurring about a year earlier than normal at one of the poles. The sun, is out of sync. Combine that with the current solar maximum (one of the weakest solar maximums ever recorded by man, in which solar storms are few ) and we have the potential for some very unusual winter weather ahead. Not only could a more inactive sun offset some of the hazards of global warming, by potentially cooling the planet, but the sun's magnetic field is important for a ton of technological systems, like power grid distributions and the positioning of satellites.

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A great video to see about the inactive sun, you can view here.

I personally feel we have severe global pollution and environmental concerns, brought on by over population and global warming (just look at what has been happening in China lately as millions of people are walking around with gas masks). However, an inactive sun could at least halt further warming for several years. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we as humans can continue to be complacent when addressing our warming planet. I am happy to see the advent of

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