Seeking Alpha Partners With XTF to Empower Its Contributors

by: David Jackson

I’m happy to announce a new partnership between Seeking Alpha and XTF. Beginning today, Seeking Alpha will be providing XTF’s Global ETF Solutions at no cost to our leading contributors.

The XTF ETF Ratings Service gives traders and financial investors the ability to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). XTF ranks every ETF on a scale of one to ten. The company's unique, quantitative, rules-based and transparent ETF ratings process allows ETF investors to make a relative comparison among similar ETFs by asset class (stocks, bonds, commodities) or by geography. XTF does not give investment advice, manage money or issue ETFs, but rather is a pure ETF ratings service. It ranks every ETF based on 14 different data points, including seven for structural integrity, such as concentration risk and bid-ask ratio. The other seven are based on investment metrics, which are performance-based. XTF also allows users to review up-to-date performance of all ETFs, or choose among fifteen categories, including large-, mid- and small-cap stocks; real estate; commodity; value; growth; international; leveraged, and more.

XTF begins coverage of an ETF (compiling data) once it starts trading. After six months on the market, the firm will give it a rating. Clients can get ratings on equities, and also on fixed income, currencies, commodities, real estate and multi-asset products. The research is unbiased and very usable.

This is a significant partnership for Seeking Alpha, as we want to provide our contributors with powerful research tools and resources that they might not otherwise have access to. We’ve created a platform where our contributors can enhance their reputations among their peers, be seen and heard by the most important decision-makers on Wall Street, make connections with those who are serious about investing, and share their opinions with a massive readership. Our partnership with XTF provides an opportunity for us to reward contributors, and also to provide them with comprehensive and robust data for their research and articles.

If you are a Seeking Alpha contributor who would like a free XTF account, please visit our Research Tools Request page and fill out the form.

XTF’s offering is unique and more comprehensive than anyone else in the ETF space. Its nearest competitors are: Morningstar (NASDAQ:MORN) and S&P (MHP) for ETF ratings and data. Thomson (NYSE:TRI), Lipper, and Wall Street on Demand for ETF data and development.