Marty Whitman Reflects on Value Investing and Net-Nets

Feb. 28, 2010 2:07 AM ET
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Despite a snowstorm that caused the absence of several speakers, the Columbia Investment Management Conference in New York Saturday included many interesting presentations and panel discussions. The highlight of the day was the conversation between Columbia Professor Bruce Greenwald and Martin Whitman, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Third Avenue Management.

Mr. Whitman has a sixty year history in the investment management field and represents a distinguished voice of experience we can all learn from. This article includes several topics that were included in the discussion between Prof. Greenwald and Mr. Whitman but it is not a complete transcript and, unless otherwise noted, is based on the author's notes and recollection of the conversation rather than a presentation of direct quotes.

The Evolution of a Value Investor

Most investors who have arrived at a “value oriented” strategy moved toward the approach over a period of time. Many of us know the story of Warren Buffett reading every book on investing in the Omaha library but not reaching the conclusion that value investing represents the best strategy until reading Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor in 1950. A similar “evolution” was the case for Mr. Whitman who entered the business as a security analyst at Shearson, Hammil in 1950. For the first four years, Mr. Whitman focused on many of the traditional benchmarks that security analysts today still concentrate on such as earnings per share growth and predicting near term price movements.

In 1955, Mr. Whitman read Between the Sheets by William J. Hudson which is a book (currently out of print) regarding the importance of paying particular attention to the balance sheet. This book combined with several real life examples at the time convinced Mr. Whitman that emphasizing balance sheet quality should be more heavily considered in the field of security analysis. Mr. Whitman also gained a great deal

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