Will Apple Kill Photoshop?

Includes: AAPL, ADBE
by: Michael Comeau

The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) vs. Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) flash war has been heating up for quite some time now, but the rivalry may run a heck of a lot deeper than you think.

Adobe is best known for Photoshop, the defacto standard in photo and image editing software - and if my calculations are correct, Apple would like to kill it.

Apple's current offering in the photo editing field is Aperture, the most recent version of which was released on February 9th. However, Aperture is not a direct competitor to Adobe Photoshop.

Aperture is not built for hardcore image editing - it is more of an organizational tool and is a rival to Adobe's popular Lightroom.

We've seen Apple make serious inroads in the video-editing software world with Final Cut Pro. Since FCP is an Apple-only product, it keeps video editors and producers (who typically buy very powerful and expensive computers) firmly planted in the Apple ecosystem.

I'm willing to bet Apple would like to do the same with Aperture. Therefore, I fully expect Aperture 4, which is likely to be released in 2012, to have an extensive editing suite and a price much lower than that of the $700 Photoshop.

By taking Photoshop customers into the Aperture world, Apple would prevent a valued class of consumers (creatives) from having the option of switching to Windows.

So while you may find today's headlines entertaining - look a little deeper. There's a war brewing...

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