SA PRO: Top Long And Short Ideas, Monday January 13

by: SA PRO+ Editors

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This is your daily report for Monday, Jaunary 13, with today's top long and short ideas available only to SA PRO subscribers.

Top Small and Mid-Cap Research

The PRO research library now contains 5,120 PRO Articles covering 3,222 different stocks, with over 62,000 comments on those articles. The Research library features our Top Ideas as well as our top research on undercovered small and mid-cap stocks. Here are a few recent highlights of our top research:

  1. Investment advisor Michael Bissell pointed out how CSP Inc. - previously a Top Idea pick - is improving its financial performance despite lumpy royalty payments. Read article »
  2. Litigation expert Daniel B. Ravicher studied Avanir Pharmaceuticals' patent case against two potential generic entrants for its drug Nuedexta and found the case for AVNR didn't look good. Read article »
  3. Buysider Fibonacci Sequence looked into Colony Financial and found that a well-supported dividend and the potential for NAV growth or capital gains via a spin-off made the REIT an interesting proposition. Read article »
  4. Buysider Daniel Phillips dug into another previous Top Idea pick, Brookfield Property Partners, and found the flexibility allowed by IFRS rules made for too much uncertainty to invest in the stock. Read article »
  5. In November, Paul Reed analyzed Intercept Pharmaceuticals' prospects for its liver drug OCA, and tagged the company as worth watching. Given last week's stratospheric 516% move, the analysis proved prescient. Read article »

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Top long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. Thursday, Value Advisors called IXYS Corporation a buy, as the introduction of new products and increased demand for legacy products powered the bull case for the power management semiconductor company. The stock is +8.4% since. Read article »
  2. On June 4, Tim Travis argued that an equity issuance could fuel Fiesta Restaurant Group's next leg of growth. The company has followed that plan, and shares are +38% to date. Read article »

To Come Today
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