New Money Pouring Into Markets -- Late to the Party?

by: SA Eli Hoffmann

Excerpt from our Wall Street Breakfast, a one-page summary of this morning's key market-moving and stock-moving stories:

Stocks Get Lift From the Return Of U.S. Investors [Wall Street Journal]

Summary: After years of favoring foreign issues, retail investors have recently become very active in trading U.S. stocks. But data suggests that rather than switching funds from overseas markets, investors are simply moving out of cash and short-term debt and into equities. Online brokers have seen 5-9% monthly increases in trading volume. But all this new money does not necessarily bode well for U.S. stock markets: (1) There is often a post-summer seasonal jump in trading. (2) New money may be arriving "late to the party." (3) Global stock funds' assets continue to grow even as domestic trading increases. Market movement towards the end of last week should give investors pause for thought: On Friday GDP numbers came in low, often a bullish signal if it would prompt the Fed to cut interest rates, yet the markets sold off.
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Potentially impacted stocks and ETFs: S&P 500 Index (NYSEARCA:SPY), NASDAQ 100 Trust Shares ETF (QQQQ), Diamonds Trust Series 1 ETF (NYSEARCA:DIA)

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