8 Dividend Stocks to Watch in April

by: New Low Observer
Below are the approximate ex-dividend dates for eight companies that appear on our Dividend Achiever and Nasdaq 100 Watch Lists in the month of April. All of the companies on the list have a history of increasing their dividend every year for at least 10 years in a row except Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA). Comcast happens to be the 10th highest yielding stock on the Nasdaq 100 index. Among the top 9 companies that have higher dividend yields than Comcast, six are chipmakers.

Of particular note on the list, with an upcoming ex-dividend date, is AT&T (NYSE:T) with a dividend yield of 6.30% and 13.67% from the 52-week low. It pains me to say it but the one quarterly dividend payment from AT&T beats most savings and money market accounts.

With (T) selling at 1995 prices and with solid earnings and dividends, this becomes an obvious choice for investment research. The only consideration is that you've got to accept that (T) might trade in a range for a long while. AT&T is going ex-dividend in the first week of April.
Name Symbol Pct from Yr Low Ex-Dividend Date
Comcast Corporation CMCSA 41.26% 4/4/2010
Monsanto Company MON 7.44% 4/6/2010
AT&T Inc. T 13.67% 4/6/2010
WGL Holdings Inc WGL 20.60% 4/6/2010
Progress Energy Inc PGN 17.64% 4/7/2010
Lakeland Financial LKFN 16.15% 4/21/2010
Nor'west Natural NWN 17.94% 4/27/2010
Paychex, Inc. PAYX 32.08% 4/28/2010

Please verify the ex-dividend date and payout ratio before committing funds to these stocks. Additionally, do not base your next long or short-term purchase on the dividend payment or yield. Instead, get as much research in as you possibly can before the ex-dividend date "just in case" you're actually interested in buying the stock. Companies are ranked by ex-dividend dates.

Disclosure: Author holds long positions in MON, T

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