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This article is now exclusive for PRO subscribers. is a Web site for business and investment podcasts.  Hundreds of shows, including from Jim Cramer's radio broadcasts, MarketWatch's Morning Stock Analyst, and advice from the Christian Financial Radio Network are available. About 90% of listening is done by people clicking a play button on the site rather than downloading files, according to Wing Yu, CEO of StreetIQ's parent, FinancialContent Inc. (OTC:FCON)

"A lot of these shows are not crystal-clear quality, with perfect production," he said.  "A lot of them sound like squawk boxes, but then that's the nature of the beast."

"People just want to get established and to get listeners," he said, so StreetIQ has syndication agreements with the shows, offering them also to clients of FinancialContent.  "We provide financial channels to 350 companies, and they all have the podcasts available.  We feed AOL Search (NYSE:TWX), Singingfish, Lexis Nexis, Hoover's, and Bloomberg."

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StreetIQ's decision to aggregate podcasts in the business/financial space is a simple and smart idea - given there are thousands and thousands of podcasts.  Finding what you want can be challenging. As Yu says, "Search is too overwhelming for people," pointing out that even Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iTunes directory can be confusing and result in the same podcasts getting the bulk of new subscriptions.  Going to other directories, such as Yahoo (YHOO) Podcast or Podcast Pickle, isn't much help.

Filtering the podcast-o-sphere could help Web sites and podcast producers increase traffic, listeners, and revenue by making niche programming more easily available to the people who want it and the advertisers who want to reach them.  For instance, could have a list of the most popular sports podcasts, even develop a directory of its own.  E! Online could do the same for movies. And so on.

Entrepreneurs, you've been alerted.

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