News Corp. (NWS) acquires remaining FOX shares. Is NDS (NNDS) next?

Includes: FOX, NNDS, NWS
by: David Strahlberg

News Corp. (ticker: NWS) completed its previously announced acquisition of Fox Entertainment (old ticker: FOX), buying the rest of FOX shares that it did not own.

Here are the details:

  • Every share of Fox Class A common stock (not including those already owned by NWS) was converted into 2.04 shares of NWS Class A common stock
  • 414,889,385 shares of Fox Class A common
    stock were tendered in the exchange offer

Quick comment:  This could have implications for NDS Corp. (ticker: NNDS).  NWS owns 77% of NNDS and controls 92% of its voting rights.