Electric Utility Financial Conference Begins Today - Webcast Schedule

by: Sandy Cohen

The Edison Electric Institute [EEI] is hosting its annual Fall financial conference starting November 5th and ending November 8th.

The EEI Fall Financial Conference is the largest event in the Electric Utility Industry each year. This year it is in Las Vegas, NV. Nearly every electric utility company, institutional equity and debt investor, and many commercial and investment bankers who service the electric utility industry attend this conference annually.

To see the schedule of events, follow the following link: EEI Financial Conference

The conference has the following pieces to it:

1. General Sessions: Now held only Monday morning of the conference, this is a roughly 3-hour session of panels discussing some chosen thematic topics the EEI Program Committee deems potentially interesting.
2. Formal Company Presentations: Held on Tuesday morning, from 7:30 AM local time (Las Vegas time) until Noon local time, 6-8 companies give 25-minute presentations in each time slot (5-6 of these companies in each time slot will have their presentations webcast).
3. Company Visitations: Each company (approximately 75 US and International electric utility and power companies) set up at tables in large rooms, or indivdual meeting rooms or suites to receive any attendee of the conference who is a debt or equity investor. Each investor or reserach analyst can ask whetever questions they wish, in grops, or to grab 1 company executive who might be available (most companies have at least 2-3 executives at the conference, generally the CFO and Treasurer, and at least 1 Investor Relations executive). These visitation sessions are held on Sunday (1:30 PM to 4:30 PM local time), Monday and Tuesday (2:30 PM to 5:30 PM local time), and Wednesday (8:30- 10:30 AM local time).
4. One on One Meetings: These can be arranged prior to coming to the EEI Financi9al conference, in order to meet individually with electric utiltiy executives at times when they are not holding visitation sessions.
5. Company Breakfast Meetings: Some companies hold large group breakfast meetings, at which they give a formal presentation and allow an opportunity to ask questions.
6. Social Events: People often conduct business during these events, which are spread out over the course of the event (Sunday morning and afternoon, and all evenings). But the primary value of the social events is to renew the acquaitances analysts and investors might have with the electric company executives and other analysts and investors, and to meet new people as well.

The following companies have formal presentations, in the time slots shown (all presentations are on Tuesday morning, the time given is Las Vegas local time):

7:30 AM: Webacasts by POR, TE, AYE, SRP, ETR, D; Non Webcasts by Iberdrola

8:15 AM: Webcasts by PEG, WR, PSD, CNL, TXU; Non Webcasts by Centrica

9:00 Am: Webcasts by WPS, PPL, CMS, BKH, CEG, FE; Non Webcasts by Endesa SA, Fortum

9:45 AM: webcasts by PGN, LNT, EE, AEE, EXC; Non Webcasts by Red Electrica, Scottish & Soutrhern Energy

10:30 AM: Webcasts by National Grid, MDU, ED, VVC, DTE, XEL; Non Webcasts by CV, United Utilities

11:15 AM: Webcasts by Transalta, NST, GXP, AEP, PNM; Non Webcasts by UIL, AVA

We hope to have some reports after the conference.